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As you catch the blue lights in your rearview mirror, the realization that they are for you causes most people’s heart to start racing. As the officer hands you a ticket and you drive away, you may be unaware of your options. Receiving a traffic ticket can be a big hassle and an expensive ordeal. At the Pisarik Law Firm, we understand the importance of your need to drive. Whether it is an officer’s dashboard camera or faulty radar detection equipment, evidence may exist that can be used in your defense.

Traffic Ticket Defense

Contact a traffic lawyer at Pisarik Law Firm today to discuss your traffic violation options. We can represent you for a traffic violation even if you don’t reside in South Carolina. Just because you have been charged with a traffic violation doesn’t mean you are guilty.

Consequences of traffic violation conviction

A person convicted of a traffic violation can face many unwanted consequences. Traffic violations may lead to expensive fines, time consuming court appearances, increased insurance costs, and visits to the DMV. Additionally, a person charged with certain traffic offenses may receive points against their license. An accumulation of twelve points can lead to a driver’s license suspension.

A list of the common traffic tickets and their associated points are:

Traffic OffensesPoints
Hit and Run, property damage only6
Reckless driving6
Passing stopped school bus6
Speeding 25 mph or more above posted limit6
Disobedience of any official traffic device4
Disobedience to official directing traffic4
Disregard railroad sign or signal4
Disobedience to signal of approaching train4
Driving on the wrong side of the road4
Driving through or within safety zone4
Failure to give or giving improper signal4
Failure to yield right of way4
Following too closely4
Operating with improper brakes4
Passing unlawfully4
Speeding more than 10mph but less than 254
Driving too fast for conditions, over 10mph4
Turning unlawfully4
Defective tail light2
Driving a vehicle in an unsafe condition2
Driving in improper lane2
Failure to dim lights2
Improper backing2
Improper dangerous parking2
Operating with improper lights2
Shifting lanes improperly2
Speeding 10mph or less2
Driving too fast for conditions, 10mph or less2

Traffic offense with a commercial driver’s license (CDL)

Call a Traffic Lawyer at Pisarik Law Firm in Rock Hill, South Carolina about traffic violations and the consequences of a traffic violation convictionTraffic offenses can be especially penalizing for a person who has a CDL. If you have a CDL, your ability to earn a living may be detrimentally affected by a conviction for a traffic violation. With so much on the line, don’t go into Court before learning about your options.

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