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After an arrest, an accused is entitled to a reasonable bond. The right to a bond that is not excessive is protected by our State Constitution. Article 1 Section 15 of the South Carolina State Constitution states, “All persons shall be, before conviction, bailable by sufficient sureties, but bail may be denied to persons charged with capital offenses or offenses punishable by life imprisonment, or with violent offenses defined by the General Assembly, giving due weight to the evidence and to the nature and circumstances of the event. Excessive bail shall not be required, nor shall excessive fines be imposed, nor shall cruel, nor corporal, nor unusual punishment be inflicted, nor shall witnesses be unreasonably detained.”

The factors to be considered during a bond hearing are whether the accused is a flight risk and a danger to society, to include the nature of the charged offense and the prior record of an accused. Bonds can be set at any amount that the judge deems appropriate in order to ensure the accused’s presence at further Court proceedings. Bonds are not meant to be a punishment. They are simply a tool to help ensure that an accused will show up to future Court proceedings and not flee.

At Pisarik Law Firm we will guide you through the bond hearing process, argue on your behalf during the hearing, and seek the lowest possible bond for your case. Securing a low bond can mean the difference between remaining in jail or being released to your loved ones during the remainder of your case.

Bond hearings are often held in front of a Magistrate Judge; however, for certain offenses a General Sessions Judge will set bond. At Pisarik Law Firm we represent people during bond hearings on many different types of charges to include both felonies and misdemeanors.

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